• Carpet Badger - The only glue down take up machine you will ever need.
FCI Magazine column featuring the Carper Badger
Carpet Concepts LLC., designed the Carpet Badger with the everyday installer in mind. Our engineers teamed up with a group of installers to design a machine to fullfill their needs. The installers all agreed that several factors were lacking. The main factors were: Portability, efficiency, weight and size, and maintenance.
Portability: Unlike other machines in the industry, the Carpet Badger is easy to load and transport.
Weight and size: Other carpet puller machines are big, cumbersome and weigh a ton. The Carpet Badger weighs about the same as a bucket of glue (65 lbs) and is only 16" x 28". This makes it much easier to load on a truck, wheel through doorways, and carry up a flight of stairs.
Efficiency: The Carpet Badger pulls twice as fast then any other carpet puller on the market. (33ft/min minimum) Most installers agreed that other machines did the job intended, but were too slow. Installers are very pleased with the speed compared to other machines.
Maintenance: This was a big factor for us! Installers are tired of paying for expensive replacement parts. The Carpet Badger uses ordinary tack strip for the gripping teeth on the pull plate and base plates. Other machines use expensive aftermarket pulling teeth that can break or become damaged. The low cost of tack strip eliminates EVER having to buy expensive teeth or pins again. It also makes on job site repairs possible, so you can keep working and not lose any time or money. That, along with the restrictor plate, ensures the carpet will hold, and not just grab. Teeth are easy to replace with supplies you already have.
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